GWO Sea Survival

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Course GWO Sea Survival
Duration 1 Day
Cost Per Delegate £345 + VAT
Industry Standard GWO (Global Wind Organisation)

28th May

30th May

12th June

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23rd July

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13th August

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Product Description

Book GWO Sea Survival course with HFR Solutions

Our GWO Sea Survival training module is designed to meet the basic competence and training requirements for sea and marine survival and vessel transfer for all personnel within the renewables sector and any personnel working on wind turbines.

Water is a real and significant risk for renewable workers, therefore is it essential that they are clearly able to demonstrate and display the competency, knowledge and skills for undertaking marine survival, evacuation and recovery techniques, offshore emergency scenarios, first aid and vessel transfers.

HFR Solutions deliver the complete GWO basic safety training modules

The 2 Day GWO Sea Survival training module is delivered by a partner of HFR Solutions at a purpose-built marine training facility and forms part of the overall suite of GWO Basic Safety Training modules that HFR Solutions CIC delivers;

How will you and your delegates benefit?

This course will provide delegates with the confidence and competency to demonstrate skills in marine survival, offshore emergency situations, evacuation and recovery, marine survival first aid and boat transfers.

GWO Sea Survival Course Syllabus

Our GWO Sea Survival course will equip delegates with the knowledge and confidence to appropriately demonstrate key elements of sea survival such as;

  • Drowning and hypothermia – the dangers and symptoms
  • Safe transfer process from vessel to dock, vessel to foundation and vessel to vessel
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the safety and emergency procedures on installations, vessels and wind turbine
  • Recovery and first aid treatment of a “man overboard”
  • Individual and collective survival techniques at sea
  • Improved knowledge of rescue techniques
  • Improving the safety of your team who undertake work at offshore locations
  • Increased competence and skills – greater insight and ability to implement best practice sea survival

Our extensive experience helps to ensure our partners follow safe systems of work at an offshore location through the delivery of;

  • Advanced medical response and training
  • Emergency response planning & training
  • Rescue plans and consultancy
  • Advanced and hub rescue training (Work at height)
  • Offshore and onshore rescue exercises and simulations
  • Safety audits

Booking your GWO Sea Survival training course with HFR Solutions provides total reassurance that you and your delegates will learn best practice to meet GWO standards for sea survival and boat transfer for working at offshore wind farm locations.